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The Stage and The Scholars

One day in 1950 when I was an undergraduate in London I told my tutor, an immensely distinguished literary critic, that I was going to see Michael Redgrave play Hamlet that evening. ‘O’, she replied. ‘I should like to see Hamlet. One day.’ Whether she ever did I don’t know. But her attitude was typical […]

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Year of Shakespeare: Circles, Centres, and the Globe to Globe Festival

This post is part of Year of Shakespeare, a project documenting the World Shakespeare Festival, the greatest celebration of Shakespeare the world has ever seen.   Circles, Centres, and the Globe to Globe Festival By Stephen Purcell, University of Warwick At a meeting of the Year of Shakespeare contributors last week, I found myself thinking about […]

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Shakespeare The Actor

The Stage is running a series of articles about Great Shakespeare Actors, mostly so far from the twentieth century. I suppose most people would think the first of all was Richard Burbage, who seems to have created many of Shakespeare’s greatest roles. But might it have been Shakespeare himself? There are conflicting views about the […]

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Praising the Proscenium

I followed up my recent blog about the tension between thrust (and open) stages and proscenium arch theatres with a longer article published in The Stage today making basically the same points. Then, perhaps immodestly, I mentioned my article in a tweet. To my great surprise this provoked a reference to a well-argued Guardian blog […]

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Stanley Wells’ Ten Greatest Actors

The Stage asked me, along with quite a few others, to nominate my Ten Greatest Actors. Actually I thought they meant the ten greatest Shakespeare actors, but as someone (can you remind me who?) once said something to the effect that ‘he is greatest who is great in the highest reaches of his art’, it […]

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