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How did they (create stage blood) in Coriolanus

Here we see behind the scenes of a recent version of Coriolanus made for film – the write up that I took the image from  promises that ‘there will be blood!’ (and there certainly was). But was there on Shakespeare’s stage? You may think that blood was likely to be like the horses and the […]

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How did they (behave in the audience) in The Two Gentlemen of Verona

This is the actor’s eye view of the auditorium at the RST – imagine it full of people, the audience. There is a performance on the stage perhaps you are playing Valentine in The Two Gentleman of Verona, it is beginning of act five, scene four, you have just entered alone to do your soliloquy […]

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How did they (dress the ladies) in Henry IV

Mistress Percy, Lady Mortimer, Lady Percy, Doll Tearsheet, Lady Northumberland and Mistress Quickly – These are the female characters who appear in Shakespeare’s history plays Henry IV – parts 1 and 2. Now we know that during Shakespeare’s lifetime all these female roles were taken by young male actors as was the stage tradition of […]

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How did they (cast Othello) in Othello

You may remember the character of Othello. Described by many of the other characters in the play as ‘the moor’ or even on one occasion ‘his moorship’, he is called an ‘an old black ram’ with ‘thick lips’ and ‘black Othello’. Some of the characters conclude (rather unfairly) ‘it cannot be that Desdemona will long […]

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How did they (Create a siege) in Henry VI?

If you know even a little about Shakespeare’s theatre you will probably imagine it as very bare, they did not have painted backdrops or elaborate scenery. For this reason you may find it hard to picture more dramatic moments as they may have looked in the theatre spaces Shakespeare knew. Henry VI was probably first […]

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