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Verse Speaking

How should actors speak the verse in Shakespeare’s plays? Are there any reliable rules for doing so? Do the forms in which the plays were first printed offer guidelines in their use of punctuation, capital letters, line division, and layout on the page?  Should actors stress the ti-tum ti-tum ti-tum ti-tum ti-tum rhythm of the […]

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Year of Shakespeare: Timon of Athens at the National Theatre

This post is part of Year of Shakespeare, a project documenting the World Shakespeare Festival, the greatest celebration of Shakespeare the world has ever seen.   Timon of Athens, National Theatre, Dir. Nicholas Hynter at the Olivier, National Theatre, 14 July 2012 By Emily Linnemann, Shakespeare Institute It seems remarkably apt, given my post here last […]

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Politics, Poetry and Passion: Richard II in Bristol

Human emotion and political intrigue crackle through Richard II. History, politics, and feeling are all made vibrant by its rich poetic dynamic.   It is not surprising that Sir John Gielgud felt strongly that actors should be cast in this play on account of their different vocal qualities. Long stretches of Richard II require sustained […]

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“Buzz, buzz”

“You can play it standing, sitting, lying down, or, if you insist, kneeling.  You can have a hangover. You can be cold-sober. You can be hungry, overfed, or have just fought with your wife.”  (Gene Fowler) I’m sure that Rory Kinnear (who is playing Hamlet at The National Theatre from September) will take comfort from […]

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