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The Plays We Overlook: All’s Well That Ends Well

Of the three “problem plays,” Troilus and Cressida and Measure for Measure, with their dark cynicism about sex and politics, seem finally to be coming into their own in our darkly cynical time. Not so All’s Well That Ends Well. All’s Well has been called the comic version of Coriolanus; if nothing else, these are […]

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How did they (imprison Malvolio) in Twelfth Night

If you have seen the current RSC Twelfth Night, you will probably vividly remember poor Malvolio in his on stage prison. Although his dark cell was on the stage level the impression of it being in the basement was given by the other actors entering that space in an elevator from the gallery level.  When […]

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Year of Shakespeare: Re-Making Shakespeare

This post is part of Year of Shakespeare, a project documenting the World Shakespeare Festival, the greatest celebration of Shakespeare the world has ever seen.   ‘Re-Making Shakespeare’, Northern Stage, Newcastle, Saturday 14 July 2012. By Monika Smialkowska, University of Northumbria ‘Re-making Shakespeare’, co-organised by Northern Stage, the School of English at Newcastle University, and the RSC, […]

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Shakespeare in Sweden

Caliban as a buzzed up grunge metaller, Lear as a red-nosed clown, Olivia as the owner and Malvolio the manager of a down-sized tire factory whose workers belt out rock ‘n’ roll classics and roar onto stage on a Harley Davidson, Othello played by a frail but feisty twenty-something white woman… Swedish theater is not […]

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Shakespeare’s Sources – Twelfth Night

The next in this series on Shakespeare’s sources has been written by Rachel Parks who is doing her work experience with me the week this was written. This blog will focus on Shakespeare’s inspiration for his classic cross dressing comedy play Twelfth Night.  There are numerous plays written before Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night that are centred […]

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Shakespeare on the Fringe

The Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) starts on 12th August and its upstart younger sibling, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, kicks off a week earlier on 5th August. Both festivals, the official, curated EIF and the unofficial, unmoderated Fringe, feature Shakespeare in a variety of forms. The EIF is mainly a music festival but it includes some […]

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Oh Oh Malvolio

In our visitor centre there is a looped recording of great moments from shakespeare which plays as visitors wait to buy their tickets to Shakespeare’s Birthplace, everyone who works here probably knows it by heart whether they realise it or not! But one line always stays with me as I pass through reception and on […]

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