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Stealing Juliet: Promising Shakespearian news for Italian television…

While Neil Jordan’s The Borgias was rushed into the programming to coincide with the conclave, the new season is set to offer a new multi-episode version of Romeo and Juliet, produced by the largest private broadcasting company, Mediaset (no apparent relationship with the predilection of its owner, a former prime minister, for adolescent girls). However, […]

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Shakespeare’s Women

From the young and in love, to the old and wise, from the worryingly cranky to the grounded and gritty, Shakespeare’s women come in a wonderful variety. Asked to pick your favorite who would you choose?  Would you choose the witty if wary Beatrice? Or the young and tragic Juliet? Or perhaps one of the […]

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Writing like a woman

Last week I wrote a post on whether men and women read differently. But what about the question of whether they write differently? This has been debated hotly in the press – check out these two articles “why men can’t write for toffee” and “can a man create women?” This debate quickly raises questions about […]

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“Gallop apace”

Waiting. Wishing. Wanting. Willing. Shakespeare packs so much into Juliet’s 30 line speech as she looks forward to spending her first night together with Romeo. Her thoughts race like her passions, and her speech aches with impatience.  She yearns for ‘love-performing night’ to come, and luckily for us this brief interlude before darkness falls is […]

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Shakespeare’s Women – Juliet

This post is part of our Shakespeare’s Women series in parternship with the collections team over at Finding Shakespeare. On flickr we have created a collection portraying these wonderful ladies. What do we know about Juliet? Unusually for Shakespeare we are given her precise age, 13 almost 14. But what about her personality? Until she […]

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