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Shakespeare and Quentin Tarantino

By Analicia García Priego, Aberystwyth University In terms of plot structure, Inglorious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino shares major similarities with revenge tragedies. When there are questions of injustice and the law’s inability to handle crime and punishment, revenge will appear among the possible answers. This will be done with excess, which is a major component of revenge […]

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Iago and the Analysts

The Institute of Psychoanalysis talks Shakespeare. To be exact, it talks Shakespeare on a new DVD called Iago on the Couch. Around the candle-lit setting of Freud’s dining table decked with eclectically styled glass decanters, wine, cheeses and fruits, sit three psychoanalysts and two thespians ready to engage with the mind of Shakespeare’s troublesome Iago. […]

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Shakespeare’s sources – Othello

Continuing my series on Shakespeare’s sources,  this week I turn my attention to Othello. Like many of Shakespeare’s plays Othello actually has multiple sources but one of the main ones is an Italian story by Cinthio called  ‘Hecathommithi’. The story contains all the familiar elements of Othello – the innocent and loving wife, her husband […]

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Shakespeare’s Villains – Iago

This series on Shakespeare’s villains is being done in partnership with Finding Shakespeare – curating digital stories relating to Shakespeare’s life,  work and times.  Finding Shakespeare is the blog produced by the Collections Team here at The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust– you can find out more about Iago  on Thursday 30th June  when they post their blog. […]

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“I am not what I am”

I seem to have spent a lot of time in Venice and Cyprus this week talking about handkerchiefs – not literally, sadly – but through teaching classes on ‘Othello’. This play always provokes lively debate, but interestingly it is rarely Othello who dominates class discussion. All three of our visiting schools this week thought that […]

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