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Stealing Juliet: Promising Shakespearian news for Italian television…

While Neil Jordan’s The Borgias was rushed into the programming to coincide with the conclave, the new season is set to offer a new multi-episode version of Romeo and Juliet, produced by the largest private broadcasting company, Mediaset (no apparent relationship with the predilection of its owner, a former prime minister, for adolescent girls). However, […]

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Sir Nick Hytner on Shakespeare

It all started about eighteen months ago. The University of Notre Dame in London wanted very much to feel it was doing all it could to honour Stanley Wells  C.B.E. as the pre-eminent Shakespeare scholar. So, Notre Dame’s London director, Greg Kucich, and Shakespeare scholar Boika Sokolva invited The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and The Shakespeare […]

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Wagner’s Shakespearian Birth

Richard Wagner’s engagement with his creative predecessor William Shakespeare began around age 13. At this time, Wagner pronounced Shakespeare’s name “Shicksper,” which triggered for him associations of fate (Shicksal = fate/destiny) and battle (Speer = spear). Wagner related this detail from the distant past to his second wife Cosima in 1874, who wrote it in […]

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Not fat enough for Falstaff?

I wanted so badly for it to be PERFECT – expected it would be after the BBC’s Richard II! – but oh dear, a miss is as good as a mile. Henry IV? YES. Hotspur & Kate? YES. Supporting cast? YES. Falstaff? Um… Hal? Er… Hal was great for the serious stuff (his showdown with […]

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Year of Shakespeare: Henry IV Part One

This post is part of Year of Shakespeare, a project documenting the World Shakespeare Festival, the greatest celebration of Shakespeare the world has ever seen.   Henry IV Part One, Compañia Nacional de Teatro Mexico , dir. by Hugo Arrevillaga, 14 May 2012 at The Globe, London By David Ruiter, University of Texas at El Paso Under Hugo Arrevillaga’s […]

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Send Up for Shakespeare!

It’s not new. Individual lines and passages from Shakespeare’s plays were imitated and parodied even in his own time, as in The Knight of the Burning Pestle, where there is a send-up of Hotspur’s lines on honour from 1 Henry IV, and in Beaumont’s comedy The Woman Hater (or is it by Fletcher, or by […]

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Shakespeare goes to L.A.

  I’m just back from the very enjoyable conference I wrote about in my last blog, ‘Where has all the Verse Gone? Shakespeare’s Poetry on the Page and on the Stage’, hosted by U.C.L.A. (13-14 May). There can be few events which are more deeply satisfying to an enquiring mind than a really good gathering […]

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“Banish plump Jack, and banish all the world”

Over in Boston right now The Actors’ Shakespeare Project theatre company is putting the final touches to its new production of ‘Henry IV’ parts 1 and 2 – watch the trailer above for a taste of what’s to come. To help contextualize the goings-on in these plays for its audience the company has sensibly decided […]

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Gossip Quickly

Mistress Quickly (or ‘Quick-lay’ as her name might imply) is one of Shakespeare’s most vibrant comic energies and appears in four plays. When treated well in performance, Mistress Quickly’s stage presence can conjure up a whole world of past sentiment and longing which can suddenly change into something much more tough-edged and brave. She makes […]

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