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Embracing Shakespeare

This webinar is a conversation I had about different aspects of Shakespearian study with the two general editors of The Oxford Shakespeare Topics series, Professor Peter Holland (McMeel Family Chair in Shakespeare Studies, University of Notre Dame) and Professor Stanley Wells, C.B.E. (Honorary President of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust). We talk about Shakespeare and America, […]

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Dame Edith Evans: A Rare Shakespearian Beauty

One of the exhibits in our recent ‘Shakespeare’s Women in Performance’ exhibition was a portrait of Dame Edith Evans, about whom I recently wrote an article for The Stage in their series about the Greatest Stage Actors. As that newspaper is mainly read by members of the theatrical, profession, I thought it might be appropriate […]

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Stanley Wells’ Ten Greatest Actors

The Stage asked me, along with quite a few others, to nominate my Ten Greatest Actors. Actually I thought they meant the ten greatest Shakespeare actors, but as someone (can you remind me who?) once said something to the effect that ‘he is greatest who is great in the highest reaches of his art’, it […]

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Come on, Judi! Time for the Nurse!

I’ve been detailed to write about the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet so I’ve turned off my phone and won’t do a single tweet till I’ve done so. Who is she? Well, she started life some time around 1595 as a product of Shakespeare’s imagination sparked off by a long poem called The Tragical History […]

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