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Band of Brothers

At the back of the stage were three panels showing images of old boys from 1913 onwards. I was aware of the St George’s flag being included as part of the design. As I peered more closely, I noticed that some of the photographs of the boys had a similar red cross of St George […]

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How did they (play women) in Measure for Measure

One of the most well known and perhaps, to western eyes, oddest things about Tudor theatre was their practice of using young male actors to play the women’s roles. This was a tradition that continued until the reformation when the European practice of women playing women was introduced. Thus it is certain that in the […]

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How did they (dress the ladies) in Henry IV

Mistress Percy, Lady Mortimer, Lady Percy, Doll Tearsheet, Lady Northumberland and Mistress Quickly – These are the female characters who appear in Shakespeare’s history plays Henry IV – parts 1 and 2. Now we know that during Shakespeare’s lifetime all these female roles were taken by young male actors as was the stage tradition of […]

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From 'The Troublesome Reign of King John'

Shakespeare: A Boy Player Himself?

I asked Ollie Jones how he’d benefitted from The Louis Marder Shakespeare Centre Scholarship… ‘My research starts with a rather innocuous record in the Minutes and Accounts of the Stratford Corporation, housed in the collections of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust archive. Here, in addition to the more expected entry recording a reward to the royal […]

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