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Tolkien and Shakespeare: An Unexpected Discovery

I recently transitioned my voracious readers, in my elementary ESL (English as a Second Language) classroom, from a steady diet of Shakespeare to a more balanced literacy model incorporating other gifted writers, such as J.R.R. Tolkien.  While varying their literary choices has allowed me to introduce them to such great Tolkien works as The Hobbit and […]

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How did they (make a banquet vanish) in The Tempest

Those of you familiar with Shakespeare’s late play The Tempest may recall that it includes a scene in which a banquet offered to the no doubt hungry men is made to disappear just as they reach for it. Here is that moment in the text ALONSO I will stand to and feed, Although my last: […]

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Introducing…. Shakespearience

I’m currently finishing a big book, which is on the demonic in Shakespeare and other writers. But it’s always more fun to look forward to the next one, and I’m planning a new book called Shakespearience. It’ll be about the way Shakespeare’s writing bears on and indeed constitutes life. I want to get into the […]

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Shakespeare’s Sources – The Tempest

  Continuing my series on Shakespeare’s sources I turn my attention to one of my favorite plays The Tempest. The story of The Tempest was crafted by Shakespeare, but it is not without references to letters, documents and essays which were circulating at the time. In this way Shakespeare is being a bit like a […]

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The Tempest – two 21st Century productions

This is part of a series of blogs on Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, blogs will be posted both here and at http://findingshakespeare.co.uk/ on Fridays. This blog is really too short for two full theatre reviews but I would like to conclude the Collections and Learning teams joint celebration on The Tempest with a little about the last two […]

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The Tempest and the Supernatural

Caliban, Half Human, Half … This is part of a series of blogs on Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, blogs will be posted both here and at http://findingshakespeare.co.uk/ on Fridays. When people ask me what Shakespeare would do if he were alive today, I often speculate that he would be writing science fiction and my reasons […]

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The Tempest – Ariel, Prospero and Caliban – a very wonky triangle

This is the second of a series of blogs on Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, blogs will be posted both here and at Finding Shakespeare on Fridays. For me as a reader The Tempest is most fascinating for the relationship portrayed between its 3 key protagonists; Prospero – The deposed Duke of Milan, now stranded on […]

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How do you love me?

I am still thinking about the short stories in Shakespeare’s plays, or perhaps the hidden or untold stories the sense of which gives his plays their depth. This led me to think about one of my favourite lines in Shakespeare’s cannon, a line which Ariel in The Tempest speaks to Prospero. For those of you […]

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Shakespeare and Amnesty

When I think about prisoners in Shakespeare, two characters spring readily to mind: Richard II and Ariel in The Tempest. There many more examples: Malvolio is put into a dark room in Twelfth Night, or What You Will; Claudio and other customers from the brothel are imprisoned in Measure for Measure; King Lear and Cordelia […]

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