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Infinite minds: Shakespeare and Giordano Bruno

On 17 February 1600 the philosopher Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake in Campo de’ Fiori, today one of the most colourful squares in Rome. A former Dominican friar born near Naples, this wandering intellectual disseminated his revolutionary ideas throughout Europe. He studied in Geneva and Toulouse, taught at Wittenberg (Hamlet’s alma mater, remember?), […]

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What’s up with Qaddafi and Shakespeare?

What was up with Qaddafi and Shakespeare? Defiant and delusional until the end, Muammer Qaddafi showed no incertitude about his right to hold power in Libya, no matter how many people he killed in the process. Perhaps like Richard III he felt he was ‘so far in blood that sin will pluck on sin’. Stuart […]

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“All the world’s a stage” (Number 2 in series)

The Ninth World Shakespeare Congress www.shakespeare2011.net is now less than a month away.  In the run-up to the event I am going to post a series of blogs from delegates from around the world who have been awarded travel grants by The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.  All of the grant winners have different stories to tell […]

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“Accents yet unknown”

I’m currently reading Douglas Coupland’s novel Generation A.   Coupland is famous for having his finger on the pulse of modern society, and often writes with his tongue firmly placed in his cheek.  Generation A is no exception. This tale is set in 2077 – and the world is recognizably our own – that is to […]

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To thrust or not to thrust?

Janet Suzman’s production of Antony and Cleopatra at the Liverpool Playhouse was a great success, acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. Paul Edmondson wrote perceptively about it in his blog last week. It was, necessarily at that address, unfashionable in being played on a proscenium arch stage. Reactions against such staging began as long ago […]

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Sex in the City: Antony and Cleopatra in Liverpool

Janet Suzman’s production at the Liverpool Playhouse has restored Antony and Cleopatra for me after its recently lost fortunes. Every so often a production comes round that while you are watching it you know is going to burn bright in the mind’s eye for years to come. The story-telling and political stakes (never easy with […]

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Harriet Walter’s Will Power

A couple of months ago I wrote here about Harriet Walter. I was then preparing a piece about her for a book, Actors’ Shakespeare, edited by John Russell Brown and Kevin Ewert, due to be published by Routledge next spring. It is an anthology with different contributors writing about different actors. Our brief is to […]

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The Things we do for Love

Hello everyone my name is Dr Elizabeth Woledge, but please do call me Liz, no one stands on ceremony in the virtual world. I work here as part of the education team at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. This week I am putting together a series of evening classes which I will teach in the autumn. […]

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