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Year of Shakespeare: Julius Caesar

This post is part of Year of Shakespeare, a project documenting the World Shakespeare Festival, the greatest celebration of Shakespeare the world has ever seen.   Julius Caesar, I Termini Company, dir. Andrea Barraco, 1 May 2012, at The Globe, London By Sonia Massai, King’s College London Andrea Baracco and Vincenzo Manna’s adaptation of Julius […]

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Sir Patrick Stewart and Shakespeare

Sir Patrick’s Stewart’s return to Stratford for his fourth major Shakespearian role at the R.S.C. in five years definitely brings star quality to the stage and the town.   The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham marked his return by inviting him to do this year’s Shakespeare Birthday lecture. A packed […]

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The barge she sat in…

One of the things which I find most interesting about Shakespeare is the way in which he adapted historical and literary sources to inform his own works. Because the idea of intellectual ownership was so different in Shakespeare’s day he makes no effort to conceal the borrowings he makes. Most of Shakespeare’s plays have some […]

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A little of the Green Eyed Monster

Tis the season to be merry – or so they say. But in fact of course Christmas is a time fraught with familial and other social pressures. When it is all too easy to compare oneself with others. So this week I thought I would share with you one of my favourite moments from Shakespeare’s […]

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Writing like a woman

Last week I wrote a post on whether men and women read differently. But what about the question of whether they write differently? This has been debated hotly in the press – check out these two articles “why men can’t write for toffee” and “can a man create women?” This debate quickly raises questions about […]

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Ideal Home?

What kind of world would you most like to live in? Would you like a society that was rational, honourable, predictable, hardworking and logical? Or would you prefer a society that was changeable, sensual, emotional, hedonistic and hierarchical? Are you an Egyptian or a Roman at heart? When a set designer is working on a […]

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Who’s that man?

I have posted several blogs about Cleopatra but I have said very little about Antony. Antony is as much of a challenge to understand as Cleopatra, described by his soldiers as someone who was at least once heroic, respected by his roman compatriots for his hardiness in battle, and described by the Roman Philo as […]

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