Shakespeare Bites Back upon St Crispin’s Day!

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It’s St Crispin’s Day next Tuesday, 25th October – the day when Shakespearian battles are fought, a time to recall Agincourt in Henry V.

To mark the occasion, Stanley Wells and I are publishing an e-book called Shakespeare Bites Back, a polemical essay on the Shakespeare Authorship discussion.

You can sign up for it free of charge by registering at and you can listen to us talking about it here.

SWW and PME (mp3)

Please recommend this blog and the e-book link to your friends, families, colleagues, students, or fellow actors.

We hope you enjoy it reading it as much as we have enjoyed writing it.

Please note that in the sound-post we accidentally call Charles Beauclerk the current Earl of Oxford, rather than the current Earl of Burford. He is distantly related to the 17th Earl of Oxford, but is not a direct descendant.

Erratum: since going to press, and due to unforseen circumstances, the publication of Shakespeare Bites Back will now be on Friday 28 October.

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Author:Paul Edmondson

Head of Research and Knowledge and Director of the Stratford-upon-Avon Poetry Festival for The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Follow Paul on Twitter @paul_edmondson
  • Jennifer Mauer

    Is the website down for the e-book Shakespeare Bites Back?
    I’d like to read it but I can’t access the site to register.  Could you email a PDF copy to me?
    As an english major, I’m enjoying the analysis/debate over this issue. 

  • Richard-Nathan

    You might be interested in the debate that has been going on for quite some time at the IMDB discussion board for “Anonymous.”   There are some people who believe that John Orloff is posting there under an assumed name, but I would hope he is not so pathetic as to be doing that.  Still, the person who might be Orloff keeps posting the same reasons Orloff keeps giving publicly, “But.. but… after the moot court, all these Supreme Court Justices have become Oxfordians!  Supreme Court Justices!  It must make sense if Supreme Court Justices believe it!  And Shakespeare must have been illiterate, or we’d have a letter from him!  We don’t have a single letter!!”  That’s really the best he can do.

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