Happy Birthday (week) Mr Shakespeare

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In honor of Shakespeare’s birthday (last Saturday) I have been thinking about what Shakespeare means to me and here are some of my answers..

..he means a job I love. Working for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust I have realised a number of ambitions and been involved with many interesting projects. No two days are the same here thanks to the well spring of creativity which is William Shakespeare…

…he means getting to meet many interesting people, last week a journalist for a Japanese newspaper, next week who knows but thanks to Shakespeare I have met artists, directors, actors and individuals who have been truly inspiring.

…he means creativity. The thing I love about Shakespeare (and indeed all literature) is the fact that his words hold so many potential meanings and the way in which words interact with the human mind and the thoughts they inspire never ceases to fascinate me. The combined fact that we can each see something unique in a short quotation and yet at the same time have a shared understanding of it’s meaning is just wonderful.

…he means enjoying other literature and making good relationships with other writers and their supporters. I celebrated Shakespeare’s birthday in Scotland at Robert Burns’ cottage for a night of Shakespeare/Burns enjoyment…

And the fact that this was possible is part of what Shakespeare means to me.


Happy Birthday Shakespeare. Check out the blogging project which was powered by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to meet some of the many amazing and inspirational people from all walks of life from all over the world who have enjoyed Shakespeare and who have celebrated his birthday this year with a blog.

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Author:Liz Dollimore

Someone who loves listening to people talk about Shakespeare Liz tweets at @shakespeareBT

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