Demonic Shakespeare

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The SBT welcomes Professor Ewan Fernie of The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham on Wednesday 6 April at 1pm. Professor Fernie will be making the journey across town from the Institute to the Trust to speak on the topic, ‘Demonic Shakespeare’.

Ewan Fernie is no stranger to the more spiritual aspects of the plays of Shakespeare. His 2005 collection of essays, Spiritual Shakespeares, is a useful tool for exploring the darker and other-worldly elements in the Shakespearean canon.

We very much look forward to listening to what Ewan has to say, and hope that you can make the journey to the Trust on Wednesday and take a walk on Shakespeare’s darker side.

Recently appointed to The Shakespeare Institute after a long-standing post at Royal Holloway in London, Ewan Fernie is also a co-general editor of the Shakespeare NOW! series, including such titles as Godless Shakespeare, The Life in the Sonnets, The Bottom of Shakespeare’s Ocean, Shakespearean Metaphysics, The King and I, and To Be or Not To Be. Together with Simon Palfrey, Fernie has coordinated a series of monographs that seek to ‘represent a new form for new approaches. Whereas academic writing is far too often ascendant and detached, attesting all too clearly to years of specialist training, Shakespeare NOW! offers a series of intellectual adventure stories: animate with fresh and often exposed thinking, with ideas still heating in the mind’ (taken from the General Editors’ Preface).

A selection of these titles will be on sale at the event!

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