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A History of Hamlet-Book and Lunchtime Lecture

Last Tuesday, 21 June, Professor David Bevington spoke to a group of enthusiasts and students about his new book, Murder Most Foul, a cultural history of Shakespeare’s Hamlet through the ages, from the original sources right up to the interpretations given the play in the 21st century. It is because Hamlet presents us with such […]

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David Bevington – A History of Hamlet

David Bevington, Phyllis Fay Horton Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at the University of Chicago, returns to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust this week, where he will be speaking about the history of Hamlet and our on-going fascination with the play. David’s new book, Murder Most Foul: Hamlet through the Ages, is an account of Shakespeare’s Hamlet […]

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Welcome, Amardeep Dhillon.

The Shakespeare Bookshop was pleased to have had a work experience student from King Edward VI, Amardeep Dhillon, who volunteered two days of his time to see how the shop is run. Amar was an asset to the shop during his time with us, and was most helpful with running the book stall during the […]

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Bookshop Independence

A Blogversation between Matt Kubus and Yolana Wassersug: Matt: We all know that had it not been for Gonzalo, who ‘furnished [Prospero] from [his] own library with volumes that [he] prized,’ Prospero would have been marooned on the island without the ability to perform any magic. He couldn’t have enslaved Caliban, freed Ariel, or instructed […]

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‘Steeped in the Colours of [Ewan Fernie’s] Trade’

It is not often that my heart races during a lecture on Shakespeare. In as much as I love listening to academics drone on (and believe me, I have heard more than any human being in his or her right mind ever should), hearing about textual variants between Q1 and F of Hamlet , while […]

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Demonic Shakespeare

The SBT welcomes Professor Ewan Fernie of The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham on Wednesday 6 April at 1pm. Professor Fernie will be making the journey across town from the Institute to the Trust to speak on the topic, ‘Demonic Shakespeare’. Ewan Fernie is no stranger to the more spiritual aspects of the plays of […]

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Glen Byam Shaw – A Stratford Director

On Wednesday 23 March the SBT’s own Nick Walton dazzled an enthusiastic audience in the Wolfson Hall with a lecture on the late Stratford director Glen Byam Shaw (who, as I just learned, died on the day that I was born(!) Feeling old enough now?). Painstakingly researched and passionately delivered, Nick’s paper was based on […]

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Nick Walton on Glen Byam Shaw – an SBT Lunchtime Event

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s own Nick Walton will deliver the second lunchtime lecture of the season at 1pm on this upcoming Wednesday, 23 March. Nick will be using his 2008 essay on director Glen Byam Shaw, published in John Russell Brown’s collection of essays, The Routledge Companion to Directors’ Shakespeare, as a way into the […]

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Sir Thomas More Than We Could Ever Wish

In the past year, the Arden Shakespeare series added two plays to its canon that extend themselves to the fascinating textual conversation for which the Arden Shakespeare takes responsibility to bring to the fore. These plays, never before included in a major Shakespeare series – Double Falsehood and Sir Thomas More – contribute to the […]

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