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Salomé at the Swan

By Drs Sarah-Jane Fenton, Research Fellow, Mental Health & Wellbeing Unit, Warwick Medical School and Anjna Chouhan, Lecturer in Shakespeare Studies, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.   A Shakespearian Watching Owen Horsley’s Salomé at the Swan was a remarkable experience for two reasons. First, the company was fizzing with a carnal, raw kind of energy that made my stomach churn […]

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Leicester’s Richard III

Living in Leicester has never been more exciting. Between people eager to see a car park, the influx of the international press conference, the portraits filling the windows of the City Council building, and the queues wrapping around the cathedral over the past two weeks, it is hard to ignore the atmosphere of delight and […]

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‘Mine eye hath well examined his parts’: We’ve found Richard III

The remains of Richard III have now been formally identified after months of speculation, research and extensive examination by archaeologists, genealogists and historians at the University of Leicester. The burial date of the remains, their age, spinal curvature,  slender build of the skeleton, nature of the injuries and, of course, their location in the Greyfriars […]

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Great British Railway Journeys Comes to Stratford-upon-Avon

It was a sunny and very busy September afternoon at the Shakespeare Birthplace. Heritage open weekend was underway, and visitors were making the most of the sunshine in the beautiful Birthplace garden. A rather conspicuous addition to the crowd was a film crew and, of course, Michael Portillo wearing a very striking cobalt blue jacket. […]

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Movember Bard

What better way is there to celebrate alongside Movember’s pogonophiles than by turning to the bearded bard himself? Shakespeare’s plays are full of references to beards; you can even purchase  Shakespeare’s facial hair in a fine packet of celebrated literary moustaches. Beards in Shakespeare’s day were more than a matter of fashion. In Rev. Thomas Firminger […]

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Richard in Leicester

As the recently unearthed remains of what might be Richard III undergo serious and extensive examination, the city of Leicester is taking the opportunity to draw in visitors. The display of materials from the dig in the suitably timber-framed Guildhall, Leicester’s oldest building, offers Richard III enthusiasts a way of feeling closer to the excavations […]

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Digging for Richard

When the University of Leicester held a press conference last Wednesday morning to announce a new phase in the archaeological dig for Richard III, I experienced an unexpected thrill when it transpired that the remains of an adult male had been discovered in what would have been the choir of Greyfriars Church in my hometown, […]

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Iago and the Analysts

The Institute of Psychoanalysis talks Shakespeare. To be exact, it talks Shakespeare on a new DVD called Iago on the Couch. Around the candle-lit setting of Freud’s dining table decked with eclectically styled glass decanters, wine, cheeses and fruits, sit three psychoanalysts and two thespians ready to engage with the mind of Shakespeare’s troublesome Iago. […]

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Telling Histories with Shakespeare

A Soldier in Every Son, playing at the Swan Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon appropriates, albeit loosely, Shakespeare’s history plays through a complex re-telling of Mexican history. In these blogs I have been thinking about Victorian Shakespeare and, particularly, stage spectacles. While it is difficult to imagine the approval of Shakespeare’s ‘bardolising’ Victorian audiences, the appropriation of select […]

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